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If the following situation applies to you, you may qualify for this type of visa.

  • Invest minimum BRL 150.000 (+- 35.000 EUR) in shares of a Brazilian company, this amount can be revised on a case by case basis, as well as create new jobs or secure previously existing ones.

You will need:

  1. A solid business plan outlining the initial three (3) years, revenue projections, details about the creation or retention of specific job positions, investment details…to be reviewed by Brazilian authorities.
  2. A legal business address in Brazil, if you do not have one, we will be able to provide a temporary one.
  3. A business partner as companies in Brazil cannot be registered alone.


Although the process begins in Brazil and ends at the country of residence, power of attorney may be employed to have a lawyer stand in your proxy.

  1. It will be necessary to acquire a CPF number, for tax purposes.
  2. Articles of incorporation are necessary and must define the amount of capital stock, percentages of ownership, designation and DBA name, details about the daily activities.
  3. A company bank account must be set up.

Once approved, the documentation is issued at the Brazilian consulate in the country of original residence, entry to Brazil will be as a resident and not as a tourist at this point.

Note: 180/90/30 rule:    

  1. Once issued, you have 180 days to claim your visa before it is automatically cancelled,
  2. 90 days once it has been claimed to enter Brazil,
  3. And 30 days from the entrance to Brazil to present yourself at the Brazilian Federal Police station to apply for a DNI (national identity card).

RNE Visas are renewed for 9 year periods or until the age of 60 where renewal is no longer necessary.

  • Apply for your CPF (Brazilian social security number),
  • Companies may not be opened alone, a partner is required,
  • Legal representation will be necessary until you yourself has permanent residence, this can be provided for you at a reasonable cost until that time,
  • A Brazilian corporate bank account is to be opened,
  • BRL 150.000 are to be transferred to the new corporate account
  • These funds must not be registered with the Brazilian Central Bank,
  • Final step is to submit the completed application along with all necessary and translated documentation.


After living in Brazil under your permanent residence for four (4) years, you may apply for Naturalization. This amount is reduced to (3) years if you have invested in real estate with a value in excess of  $ 200,000US.

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