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This website offers quick and convenient consultation services to individuals seeking answers in all matters relating to immigration. From the comfort of your home, office or the local café, you can easily get answers to your questions from visa applications to required documentation, education options for both children and adults, medical services, real estate purchase or apartment rental, rights and obligations, social integration, drivers’ licence, and everything in between.

With just a few clicks, select the country you are interested in, the topic you wish to discuss and add your contact information. One of our experts will contact you on the day and time you choose. How easy is that? No need to take time off of your busy schedule to drive to an office, find and pay for parking, sit in a waiting room, then return home or to the office.

By booking a consultation with us, there is no waiting, no traffic, no hassles, just quality time with a well-informed, experienced specialist who can answer your specific or general questions directly and help you in your process.

If you wish to handle your application yourself and only need guidance to ensure all required forms and documents are complete and in order before filing your application with the immigration authorities, our specialists can verify you file and make sure all is in order before your proceed. They can also help you prepare for your interview with the immigration office.

You need not sign a service agreement or engage thousands of dollars in fees – we offer a convenient, hassle-free consultation now! 30 minutes for only €120. It’s easy, it’s efficient, it’s what you need.

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