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Inimex Inc. is a premium immigration service group focused on providing industry-leading services for individuals requiring permanent residency in France and Monaco. We have a long history of satisfied customers going back to 1997 thanks to our effective use of advanced technology and services personalized for you.

We pride ourselves in matching our high standards of service with that of confidentiality. Our industry-leading standards ensure that your documents and files are handled with the utmost care and respect for privacy. We take this matter very seriously and will always strive to maintain the highest standards that have made us the premium immigration service group.

Along with our Monegasque partners we rely mainly on the immigration laws of the Principality of Monaco (Conditions d’entrée et de séjour des étrangers dans la Principauté) and are currently handling two (2) successful immigration programs:

  1. A Residence Permit in Monaco for financially independent Applicants;
  2. A Business Immigration Option for Entrepreneurs.

Foreigners (except for citizens of France), who express a desire to live in Monaco and obtain a residence permit must receive an immigration visa, which entitles them to a Monaco residence card (carte de séjour).


To obtain a residence permit in Monaco through this program, you will need:

  1. A documented financial income to reside in Monaco
  2. A lease or document of purchase Monegasque real estate
  3. A signed document stating that you undertake not to perform professional activities in the Principality of Monaco

Processing tomes of residence permit in Monaco takes three to five (3-5) weeks on average.


We also assist clients in the registration of companies or in the acquisition of an existing business in Monaco. To obtain a residence permit in Monaco with the right to work you must register your company and acquire registered documentation attesting to the fact. In Monaco there are several different forms of commercial companies. 

However, we almost exclusively deal with SARLs or SAMs. Although these are the most common and usually the most advantageous types of companies, we have significant experience with others as well.


  1. A proof of pension and have sufficient financial income to reside in Monaco;
  2. A property ownership deed or a lease contract in Monaco.


  1. Basic residence permit is valid for a period of one (1) year, then must be renewed
  2. Monaco resident card – most commonly referred to as Ordinaire – is valid for three (3) years and is issued to a foreigner that has lived in Monaco for at least three (3) years
  3. Permanent residence card – most commonly referred to as Privilégié – is valid for ten (10) years and is issued to a foreigner that has lived in Monaco for minimum of ten (10) years. It should be noted that after this time, it is possible to apply for Monegasque citizenship


Any person who has been resident in Monaco for at least ten (10) years after reaching the age of 19 years old, may apply to the Sovereign Prince for naturalization as a citizen of Monaco. Naturalization is at the discretion of the Sovereign Prince. If the applicant satisfies the following two conditions, the naturalization process can be signed and published:

  1. Has been exempt from military service obligations in the country of origin
  2. Has renounced its previous nationality


  3. Principality of Monaco, the independent state, bordering the Mediterranean basin offers both investors and entrepreneurs an exceptional, secure infrastructure combined with the advantages of an attractive fiscal system;
  4. Persons residing in Monaco (except French nationals) do not pay any tax on income, interest or capital;
  5. Accelerated and simplified scheme of obtaining the Visa to the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand;
  6. Visa-free entry to all members of Schengen agreement;
  7. The population of the Principality of Monaco is welcoming and united, counts more than 30 000 inhabitants, included 5,000 of Monegasque, 12,000 French and 5,000 Italian, more than 120 nationalities living in harmony;
  8. The official language is French, although Italian and English are widely spoken. The traditional Monegasque language, “le Monegù”, is spoken mostly by elders, but also taught in all local schools. 
  9. Residents in Monaco enjoys remarkably sunny summers (more than 300 days a year of sunshine) and very mild winters;
  10. Exemplary domestic security, both for residents and visitors, which forms one of the Government’s priorities, together with , social services and health care;
  11. The rule imposed by the late Prince Rainier III was simple: “Monaco must have total security” made Monaco is one of the safest places on earth;
  12. Monaco residents from all over the world can place their children in a wide variety of outstanding which are either a part of, or affiliated with, the Ministry of Education;
  13. The curriculum and the diplomas obtained are the same as in France. Already in elementary school, pupils are taught not only English and French, but also “Monegu”, the traditional local language.


  1. Residence permit in Monaco for wealthy individual
  2. Residence permit in Monaco for entrepreneurs
  3. Set up a company, business and financial plans 
  4. Assistance in: open a bank account in Monaco, medical insurance coverage, school registration for children, exchange of driver’s license, etc.
  5. Legal service in corporate, bankingimmigration and administration law
  6. Renting / buying a property in Monaco
  7. Renewal of residence permits in Monaco
  8. Application for permanent residency in Monaco
  9. Application for Citizenship of Monaco

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