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We have worked closely with all types of businesses all over Europe and France is no exception, in fact, for years we have helped several major players develop in the business world with the help of our extensive network of experienced professionals.  In France, there are an abundance of different types of businesses available and we will outline the major seven that are the most popular and best suited to today’s typical businessmen.

Sole Proprietorship (entrepreneur individuel à responsabilité limitée)

This is a simple type of business which consists of the individual entrepreneur and can of course hire additional employees. As for the minimum capital, there is no real concept of capital owned by the company but as such, there is no legal distinction and the owner assumes all liabilities incurred.

EURL (entreprise unipersonnelle à responsabilité limitée)

This business can only have one partner that can be a person or a legal entity other than a EURL and the share capital is freely determined by the partner depending on the size, activity and capital requirements on the company. At least 20% of the cash contributions must be paid at the time of incorporation and must be paid up in full within five years. The EURL is headed by one or more managers that must be physical persons and may even be a third party. The liability is limited to the amount of their contributions unless the partner has given personal guarantees or has committed mismanagement.

SARL (société à responsabilité limitée)

This Company can have as many as 100 associates but must consist of no less than two and the minimum capital is essentially the same as in a EURL; the share capital is freely determined by the partners and at least 20% must be paid up by the time of incorporation and the balance within five years. As with the EURL, this type of company is managed by one or more managers that may be from a third party. The liability is limited to the amount contributed by the partners unless they have committed mismanagement or given guarantees personally.

SA (société anonyme)

With this company type, there must be at least seven partners with no legal maximum, the minimum capital share is set at 37,000 euros of which at least 50% of cash contributions must be paid at the time of incorporation and the balance must be paid within five years. A company such as this one in governed by a board of directors comprising of three to 18 members and the chairman is appointed by the board from among its member, it should also be noted that the liability of the partners is limited only to the amount contributed.

SAS, SASU (société par actions simplifiée, société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle)

These companies need at least one partner but there is no legal maximum set. The minimum capital is freely determined by the partners and 50% must be paid up at the time of incorporation with the balance paid up within five years and as with most of these companies, the liabilities of the partners are only limited to the amount contributed.

SNC (société en nom collectif)

At least two associates are necessary for this type of company but there is no legal maximum set legally. The share capital is freely determined by the partners, depending on certain requirements of the company. Cash contributions can be paid up completely upon incorporation or paid incrementally. Partners are liable indefinitely and severally on all their personal property.

Organization (association)

There must be at least 2 members but there is no maximum needed to operate the company and there is no share capital, the organization collects dues from its members if the billing services and reserves are insufficient. Member can also make contributions with the possibility of recovering these contributions upon the dissolution of the organization. Management is freely chosen and liabilities extend only to the executive members.


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