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  • Aufenthaltsgesetz ( since 01.01.2005)
  • Kontingentflüchtlingsgesetz (1991-2001)
  • Gesetz über Maßnahmen für im Rahmen humanitärer Hilfsaktionen aufgenommene Flüchtlinge, HumHAG (1991 – 2001)
  • Ü-I (2001-2004)


  1. Be citizen of ex-USSR successor state
  2. Have at least one Jewish parent
  3. Level of German language must be at least A1 (basic knowledge)
  4. Confirmation letter from German Jewish community and Zentrale Wohlfahrtsstelle der Juden
  5. Personal positive integration: age, language skills, qualification and professional experience


  1. Passport and ID card
  2. Police certificate from the relevant authorities of the applicant’s home country
  3. Certificate of birth, marriage (if applicable)
  4. Resume
  5. Diplomas
  6. Motivation letter
  7. Language test results


  1. Consultation regarding immigration to Germany for Jewish, education, medical, administration and all other questions
  2. Signature of the Agreement
  3. You will prepare, legalize all necessary documents and send them to us
  4. Our translator will translate all documents into German
  5. Submission the application at German diplomatic mission
  6. After verification of the application and authentication of the documents you will be invited to attend an admissions interview
  7. In addition, forward the documents to the Federal Office for Migration (BAMF) for processing
  8. The Federal Office takes decision regarding the application and will send the decision to the German Diplomatic mission
  9. The Jewish immigrant will receive information concerning the Federal Land to which he can settle
  10. In case of positive answer the Jewish immigrant has one (1) year to apply for a visa and 90 days to immigrate to Germany as soon as an immigration visa is issued


Your spouse and children are included in the application and will obtain a German immigration visa.


If you have resided in Germany for a minimum of eight (8) years, satisfy the citizenship requirements, have adequate German language skills and pass the naturalization test you might obtain the German citizenship.

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