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  1. A child born in Andorra to an Andorran mother and/or father, or born abroad to an Andorran parent born in Andorra is Andorran by birth;
  2. A child born in Andorra is Andorran by virtue of birth on Andorran soil if either parent was born in Andorra and was living there at the time of birth, or if both parents are stateless or of unknown identity;
  3. A child of foreign parents may acquire Andorran nationality by birth in Andorra, if at the time of the birth one of the parents has completed 10 years permanent residence in Andorra.


  1. By adoption of a minor under the age of 14;
  2. By descent, a child born abroad to an Andorran parent who was also born abroad can acquire Andorran nationality once he has taken up residence in Andorra;
  3. By descent, the grandchildren of a person of Andorran nationality can acquire Andorran nationality once they have been resident in Andorra for at least 18 years;
  4. By marriage with a person of Andorran nationality, after 3 years of genuine and continuous residence in Andorra (before or after the marriage, or the two periods combined);
  5. By naturalization for the foreigner who has been living permanently in Andorra for 20 years or who can certify that his principal and permanent residence has been in Andorra for the 10 years preceding his request and has followed all the obligatory education in Andorra except for those courses that take place outside Andorra.

In each of the above cases, acquisition of nationality only takes effect once the person concerned has renounced all previous nationalities and provided evidence of integration into the Andorran community. By public office, for the personal representatives of the Co-Princes, the heads of their private offices, Constitutional Court judges and priests assigned to the parishes (municipalities).


  1. Residence permit in Andorra for property owners and investors;
  2. Residence permit in Andorra for entrepreneurs;
  3. Residence permit in Andorra for artists or athletes;
  4. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
  5. Assistance in: bank account opening, enrolment to medical insurance, school registration for children, exchange of foreign driving license, etc.;
  6. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
  7. Renting / buying a property;
  8. Renewal of residence permits in Andorra;
  9. Application for Andorran permanent residency;
  10. Application for Andorran Citizenship.

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