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Argentina Immigration Residency Investor. A residency permit lasting a period of one (1) year, foreign investors must invest minimum 1,500,000 ARS (+- 10,000$ US, market rate: December 2022): Applicants must present to the Immigration office a business plan (to be evaluated by the DNM), documentation proving the origin and legality of the funds (1.5 Million Argentine pesos) and their confirmation by an authorized Argentine financial institution. For more information, we kindly invite you to book a private consultation through our website or contact us at: Tel/WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber +1 514 570 2045 | +33 768 152 300 | | @Linimex Skype.

It should be noted that any documentation used must either be in Spanish or translated legally and Apostillised into Spanish. This process usually takes several months before a decision is rendered.

Once the business plan is approved: Fingerprints will be documented at a Department in order to complete the forms necessary to the immigration process; it is advised to provide us with all necessary documentation as well as passports, money order/payments, at least two (2) weeks prior to this appointment. Incomplete applications are unable to be processed.


Valid for one (1) year, multiple entries: (Law 25871 art. 23 inc b) y c) The financier must prove the legality and provenance of the funds in questions and must be confirmed by an Argentine financial institution; the minimum amount needed to support the applicant as well as his primary family needed is 30,000 Argentina pesos monthly (+-180 $ US).

The pensioner must prove the retirement and/or pension with an internationally recognized government. The minimum amount needed is 30,000 Argentine pesos monthly (+-180$ US). Requirements:

  1. Completed application form, signed and dated.
  2. Sworn declaration filled out and singed, dated in Spanish as well as English (to be signed at the consulate).
  3. Certified local police statement indicating a clean record for the last 3 years (depending).
  4. Valid passport with at least 12 months remaining (six (6) months for businessman visa).
  5. Two (2) photographs, passport size, no glasses, ¾ right profile, 4×4 cm.
  6. Proof of sufficient funds.
  7. Letter of motivation.

Renewal: A temporary permanent residence card will need to be renewed (typically yearly) for some time after which a Permanent residence, and later citizenship, may be acquired. Note: Argentine Residency heavily favours the investor/businessman.

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