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The key principles governing the acquisition of Monegasque nationality are:

  1. The effective absence of being able to acquire nationality based place of birth or residence
  2. The continuing role of filiation (paternal or adoptive filiation) in transferring Monegasque nationality
  3. The recent harmonization of the right to nationality with principles which are recognized internationally and in numerous internal laws
  4. The policy of reunifying families through naturalization
  5. Neither residency nor birth in the Principality automatically grants the right to a Monegasque nationality as was possible in the past. An exception to this will be made for a child who is born in Monaco to unknown parents


  • A child born to a Monegasque father is Monegasque.

A child born to a Monegasque mother is Monegasque if:

  1. The mother was born Monegasque
  2. The mother is Monegasque and has at least one ancestor who are Monegasque
  3. The mother acquired Monegasque nationality through naturalization, reinstatement or declaration by choice


Any person who has been ordinarily resident in Monaco for at least ten (10) years after reaching the age of 18 years old, may apply to the Sovereign Prince for naturalization as a citizen of Monaco. Naturalization is at the discretion of the Sovereign Prince. If the applicant satisfies the following two conditions, the naturalization process can be signed and published:

  • Has been exempt from military service obligations in the country of origin
  • Has renounced any previous nationality
  • The collective effect of naturalization as a Monegasque citizen extends to children who are still minors


The Department of Justice is responsible for examining applications for naturalization and presenting a report to the Sovereign Prince. The French authorities are consulted on all applications which have received a favorable response from the Sovereign Prince prior to the publication of the Sovereign Ordinance.

Individuals with family ties to the Monegasque community and individuals who are well integrated into the economic, social or cultural life of Monaco. In recent news, the government of Monaco is relaxing on laws regarding the naturalization of citizens and this may dramatically increase the ease of applications as well as increase the overall applicants. Specifically, the requirement that requires applicants to renounce previous citizenship may be waived entirely.

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