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  • Loi n. 1.155 du 18/12/1992 relative a la nationalite Monegasque;
  • Loi n. 1.276 du 22/12/2003 modifiant la loi n.1.155 du 18/12/1992 relative a la nationalite Monegasques.


  1. To be an ordinary resident in Monaco for at least ten (10) years;
  2. To have a good knowledge of French language;
  3. Well integrate into the economic, social and culture life of the Principality of Monaco;
  4. To be deem worthy of his/her favour by the Sovereign Prince;
  5. To be exempt from military service obligations in the country of origin;
  6. To renounce his/her previous citizenship.


  1. Applications;
  2. Passport;
  3. Residence permit and certificate of residence;
  4. Birth and marriage (if applicable) certificates;
  5. Proof of knowledge of French language; Confirmation documents regarding integration into the social, culture and economic life,
  6. Police certificate.


  1. Consultation and a period of questions concerning immigration and citizenship process in Monaco;
  2. Preparation of an application file;
  3. Submit the file to the Department of Justice who is responsible for examination applications for naturalisation;
  4. The applicant must be exempt from military service obligation in his/her country of origin and present confirmation;
  5. The applicant must renounce his/her previous nationality and show documentation;
  6. During the examination phase the Department of Justice will contact the Minister of State and other Monegasque and France authorities than presents a report to H.S.H.the Sovereign Prince;
  7. H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince take the final decision; 
  8. If the application is favorable, the decision will be published on official Journal;
  9. You will be invited to a citizenship ceremony and will receive your certificate of naturalization.


Children under 18 years old are included in the citizenship application and will obtain Andorran citizenship.


  1. H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince may, however, grant a dispensation concerning the residency requirement. 
  2. The spouse of a Monegasque national can acquire Monegasque citizenship by declaration ten (10) years after the date of marriage. The spouse of Monegasque national does not does not lose the original nationality.
  3. Any child born to a Monegasque father is Monegasque automatically.
  4.  A person is considered to hold full Monegasque nationality from the date of their birth if:
    1. The mother was born Monegasque and remains so on the date of the birth and has at least one ancestor from Monaco;
    2. The mother acquired Monegasque nationality through naturalisztion, reinstatement or declaration by choice;
    3. The mother acquired Monegasque nationality by declaration following a simple adoption.


  1. Residence permit in Monaco for wealthy individual;
  2. Residence permit in Monaco for entrepreneurs;
  3. Residence permit in Monaco for pensioners;
  4. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
  5. Assistance in: open a bank account, medical insurance coverage, enroll children to a school, exchange of driver’s license, etc.;
  6. Legal service in corporate, bankingimmigration and administration law;
  7. Renting / buying a property in Monaco;
  8. Renewal of residence permits in Monaco;
  9. Application for permanent residency in Monaco;
  10. Application for Citizenship of Monaco.

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