1. Residence for taking up a temporary employment;
  2. Residence for conduction research or a highly qualified activity;
  3. Residence for taking up an employment;
  4. Residence for taking up a self-employed activity or for entrepreneurs;
  5. Residence for student;
  6. Residence without the framework of mobility of higher education students;
  7. Residence for family reunification;
  8. Special Residence;
  9. Residence for investors, home owners and businessperson;
  10. Residence for unremunerated trainees;
  11. Residence for voluntary service;
  12. Residence for victims of offences related to trafficking in human beings or illegal immigration;
  13. Refugee status;
  14. Humanitarian program.


  1. Belgium Residence for foreign worker with unlimited duration;
  2. Residence for foreign worker with limited duration;
  3. Temporary residence for seasonal workers;
  4. Residence for self-employed workers and businessperson;
  5. Residence for student;
  6. Residence for pair employment;
  7. Working Holiday Program Belgium/Canada/Australia/ New Zealand/Taiwan;
  8. Family reunification;
  9. Refugee status;
  10. Residence for victims of human trafficking or illegal immigration.


  1. Student visa
  2. Express entry
  3. Immigration for Live-in Caregiver
  4. Immigration for skilled workers (Canada)
  5. Immigration for skilled workers (Quebec) 
  6. Immigration for Investors (Quebec)
  7. Immigration for Entrepreneurs (Quebec)
  8. Immigration for farmers (Quebec)
  9. Immigration for skilled worker (Alberta)
  10. Immigration program “Employer-Driven Stream” (Alberta)
  11. Immigration program “Strategic Recruitment Stream” (Alberta)
  12. Immigration program “Self-employed Farmer Stream” (Alberta)
  13. Immigration for Entrepreneur – Business Skills (British Columbia)
  14. Immigration for Entrepreneur – Regional Business (British Columbia)
  15. Immigration for skilled workers (British Columbia)
  16. Immigration for Health Care Professional (British Columbia)
  17. Immigration for International Graduate (British Columbia)
  18. Immigration program “Expression of Interest System” (Manitoba)
  19. Immigration for skilled workers (Manitoba)
  20. Immigration for businessperson (Manitoba)
  21. Immigration program “Express Entry” (New Brunswick)
  22. Immigration for businessperson (New Brunswick)
  23. Immigration for skilled workers (New Brunswick)
  24. Immigration for skilled workers (Newfoundland & Labrador)
  25. Immigration for skilled workers (The Northwest Territories)
  26. Immigration for entrepreneur (The Northwest Territories)
  27. Immigration for self-employed (The Northwest Territories)
  28. Immigration for skilled workers (Nova Scotia)
  29. Immigration program “Express Entry” (Nova Scotia)
  30. Immigration for Investors (Ontario)
  31. Immigration for skilled workers (Ontario)
  32. Immigration program “Human Capital Priorities Stream” (Ontario)
  33. Immigration program “French-speaking skilled worker stream” (Ontario)
  34. Immigration program “100% Ownership Criteria” (Prince Edward Island)
  35. Immigration program ” Partial Ownership Criteria” (Prince Edward Island)
  36. Immigration program “Work Permit Process” (Prince Edward Island)
  37. Immigration for skilled worker (Prince Edward Island)
  38. Immigration for Entrepreneur (Saskatchewan)
  39. Immigration for businessperson (Yukon)
  40. Immigration Self-Employed Person
  41. Immigration start-up program
  42. Reunification family
  43. Refugee status 


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