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At Inimex Inc., our top priority is to provide you with the right strategy to obtain your permanent residency and guide you through each step of the process. Rest assured that our qualified team of immigration attorneys, translators, real estate agents and financial experts will take care of all your needs. Your files will be handled professionally and with care, your documents will be translated with flawless accuracy, your property will be chosen according to your needs and your financial questions will be answered promptly and clearly.
No situation has proven to be too complex for our Inimex Inc. experts. We have consistently delivered services to our clientele by relying on our staff’s extensive experience in the field as well as the determination to continually provide our clientele with the highest standard of immigration services.
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This immigration program is of interest to individuals who have sufficient funds allowing them to immigrate to Luxembourg as independent financial applicants and make it their main place of residence.

The individual who wishes to settle in Luxembourg for a period greater than three months for private reasons need a permit to do so before entering the Duchy of Luxembourg.

Some of the more important requirements for this process are:

  1. Good conduct certificate from the police of your country of citizenship,
  2. Bank certificate, confirming annual revenues of at least € 25.000, allowing you to live independently in the Duchy of Luxembourg,
  3. Written document clearly stating the reasons by which you are motivated to immigrate to Luxembourg.


By opening a company in the Duchy of Luxembourg you will be able to employ yourself in the company and as a result be able to acquire permanent residency. The company registration usually takes two to four weeks. Most common legal capital company forms in Luxembourg:

  1. Limited Liability Company (SARL), which allows for 2 to 40 partners and is used by almost 70% of all businesses in Luxembourg. A minimum of 12,400 EUR is required for the incorporation of a Luxembourg SARL.
  2. Public liability company (SA), which is often preferred by large businesses as it offers limited liability and controlled access to the capital. A minimum of 31,000 EUR is required for the incorporation of a Luxembourg S.A.
  3. Partnership limited by shares (SECA or SCA), distinguished from the other company forms mainly by the nature of the partnership interests.


  1. The applicant must provide the confirmation documents to show that he/she has the professional qualifications required for the sector mentioned in the work contract;
  2. Present a work contract with a Luxembourgian company for a highly qualified work, valid for at least 1 year;
  3. The remuneration must be at least equal 1.5 times the average annual salary (the threshold applicable in 2016 is 70 000 euros).


  1. The immigration program concerns athletes and instructors who wish to live and work in Luxembourg;
  2. The candidate must be approved by Luxembourg federations or athletes club and have an employment contract;
  3. The salary of athlete must be at least equal to the social minimum wage for full time (23,100 EUR/year);
  4. The authorization to stay and the residence permit are granted to carry out an activity as an athlete or instructor exclusively.
  5. Be owner of a property in Luxembourg or proof of rent of a residence in Luxembourg.


The applicant must:

  1. Be admitted to a cycle of full time by Luxembourger education institution.
  2. Dispose of enough resources for to stay and study in Luxembourg.


Immigration law of the Duchy of Luxembourg provides for family members of citizens of Luxembourg or for citizen of third-country nationals, residing legally on the territory of Luxembourg, the option to immigrate to Luxembourg. Family stream visas are currently available to :

  1. Spouse or the registered partner;
  2. The descendant of the spouse/ partner or of the resident, under 18 y/o;
  3. Parent of the sponsor or the spouse/partner.
  4. Single descendant of the spouse/ partner or of the resident over 18 years old, if they cannot meet their own needs for health reasons.


When in possession of a permanent resident card, one must be diligent and renew it several weeks prior to it expiring in order to avoid any potential problems. Please note that one must continue to meet the conditions required to obtain the initial permanent resident card. After achieving five (5) consecutive years of residency in the duchy of Luxembourg, you will be awarded a permanent residency of ten (10) years.


The following conditions must be met for a successful citizenship application:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age at the time of submission,
  2. Have resided in Luxembourg for at least 7 years continuously,
  3. Pass basic language test in the Luxembourger language,
  4. Attended at least three basic civic instruction sessions,
  5. Meet basic integrity.


  1. Non-European citizens who hold a Luxembourg residency permit have right of entry into the Schengen area that is to say, may cross the external borders of the Schengen area merely by showing a I.D. and a valid passport;
  2. Accelerated and simplified plans are regularly available to Luxembourg resident who desire obtaining a visa to the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand ;
  3. A favorable tax system;
  4. Bank system is considered unparalleled;
  5. High quality of life;
  6. Life expectancy: Luxembourg has one of the highest life expectancy in the world;
  7. A high-quality education system where children learn to speak and write German, French and English;
  8. A high concentration of quality medical facilities. Reimbursement of medical and dental care;
  9. Almost nonexistent crime rate, among the lowest on the planet;
  10. Impeccable ecology ; clean and safe;
  11. The country’s central location on the planet and its excellent international connections;
  12. A  welcoming and multicultural population.


    1. Residence permit in Luxembourg for wealthy individual;
    2. Residence permit in Luxembourg for highly qualified worker;
    3. Residence in Luxembourg for entrepreneurs;
    4. Student visa in Luxembourg;
    5. Family reunification program;
    6. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
    7. Assistance in: bank account, medical insurance, school for children, exchange of driver license, etc.;
    8. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
    9. Renting / buying a property;
    10. Renewal of residence permits in Luxembourg;
    11. Application for Luxembourg Citizenship.

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