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The following individuals are deemed to be Spanish citizens of origin:

  1. If born of a Spanish mother or father;
  2. If born in Spain to foreign parents and at least one of them was also born in Spain.


This option is a benefit our laws extend to foreigners who fulfill certain conditions, in order for them to acquire Spanish citizenship. The following are entitled to acquire Spanish citizenship by option:

  1. An individual who is or has been subject to the parental authority of a Spaniard,
  2. An individual whose father or mother was a Spanish citizen, provided such individual was born in Spain.


This acquisition of citizenship requires the individual to be legally residing in Spain for a continuous period of ten years immediately prior to the application.

There are cases in which the required period of residence is reduced:

  1. ___Five years: to grant Spanish citizenship to individuals who have obtained refugee status,
  2. ___Two years: for nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Portugal, or individuals of Sephardic origin,

One year for:

  1. Those born within the Kingdom of Spain,
  2. Those who have not duly exercised their right to acquire Spanish citizenship by option,
  3. Whoever, at the time of the application, has been married to a Spaniard for one year and is not separated de iure or de facto,
  4. The widow or widower of a Spaniard if, at the death of the spouse he or s is not separated de iure or de facto,
  5. An individual born outside of Spain with a father or mother or a grandfather or grandmother, originally Spanish,
  6. Moreover, the individual concerned must prove good civic conduct and sufficient degree of integration in Spanish society.

In the event of having acquired Spanish citizenship by residence, naturalisation or option, the individual shall:

  1. If older than fourteen years of age and capable of issuing a statement by himself swear loyalty to the King and obedience to the Constitution and the laws,
  2. Declare that he renounces his prior citizenship, except if the individual concerned falls into any of the cases of entitlement to double citizenship.


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