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  1. Principality of Monaco, the independent state, bordering the Mediterranean basin offers both investors and entrepreneurs an exceptional, secure infrastructure combined with the advantages of an attractive fiscal system;
  2. Persons residing in Monaco (except French nationals) do not pay any tax on income, interest or capital;
  3. Accelerated and simplified scheme of obtaining the Visa to the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand;
  4. Visa-free entry to all members of Schengen agreement;
  5. The population of the Principality of Monaco is welcoming and united, counts more than 30 000 inhabitants, included 5,000 of Monegasque, 12,000 French and 5,000 Italian, more than 120 nationalities living in harmony;
  6. The official language is French, although Italian and English are widely spoken. The traditional Monegasque language, “le Monegù”, is spoken mostly by elders, but also taught in all local schools. 
  7. Residents in Monaco enjoys remarkably sunny summers (more than 300 days a year of sunshine) and very mild winters;
  8. Exemplary domestic security, both for residents and visitors, which forms one of the Government’s priorities, together with , social services and health care;
  9. The rule imposed by the late Prince Rainier III was simple: “Monaco must have total security” made Monaco is one of the safest places on earth;
  10. Monaco residents from all over the world can place their children in a wide variety of outstanding which are either a part of, or affiliated with, the Ministry of Education;
  11. The curriculum and the diplomas obtained are the same as in France. Already in elementary school, pupils are taught not only English and French, but also “Monegu”, the traditional local language.


Ordonance n. 3.153 du 19/03/1964 relative aux conditions d’entrée et de séjour des étrangers dans la Principauté.


  1. Have sufficient financial income to reside in Monaco;
  2. Have a house or an apartment in Monaco (ownership deed or a lease contract).


  1. Four (4) long stay visa application forms;
  2. Five (5) recent and identical ID colour photo, 35×45 mm;
  3. Passport and ID card (copy of identification page(s));
  4. Police certificate from the relevant authorities of the applicant’s home country or from any other country where the applicant resided for over one (1) year;
  5. Certificate of birth / marriage;
  6. Resume;
  7. Diploma(s);
  8. Health insurance covering all risks on the territory of Monaco;
  9. Confirmation documents to show sufficient funds: a reference from a bank in Monaco, professional income, proof of pension or any other proof that establishes that you have financial resources to live in Monaco;
  10. A property ownership deed or a lease contract of a house or apartment in Monaco;
  11. Motivation letter;
  12. Certificate of non-bankruptcy.


  1. Consultation regarding immigration to Monaco, education, medical, administration and all other questions;
  2. Signature of the Agreement;
  3. You will prepare, legalize all necessary documents and send them to us;
  4. Our translator will translate all documents into French;
  5. You will come to Monaco in order to open a bank account and rent / buy a property or you can give us a mandatory to represent you by proxy;
  6. Comprehensive health insurance;
  7. We will prepare your immigration file;
  8. Deliver the immigration file to French a Monaco authorities in order to obtain a visa;
  9. The visa will be delivered by a consular service a few weeks later;
  10. You will come to Monaco and apply for ‘Direction de la suretée publique’, where you will obtain a residence card – proof of your legal residence status in Monaco;
  11. Children under 16 years old will obtain a card valid for five (5) years;
  12. During first year living in Monaco: exchange of your driver’s licence;
  13. Your three (3) first residence permits are valid for a period of one (1) year, then must be renewed;
  14. Monaco resident card “ordinaire” is valid for three (3) years and is issued to a foreigner has lived in Monaco for at least three (3) years;
  15. Permanent residence card «privilégié» is valid for ten (10) years and issued to a foreigner that has lived in Monaco for minimum ten (10) years. It should be noted that after this time, it is possible to apply for Monegasque citizenship.


Your spouse and children until age of 16 are included in the application and will obtain the same immigration status and Residence Card.


The Prince of Monaco may grant you citizenship via naturalization if you have resided in Monaco for a minimum ten (10) years.


  1. Residence permit in Monaco for wealthy individual;
  2. Residence permit in Monaco for entrepreneurs;
  3. Residence permit in Monaco for pensioners;
  4. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
  5. Assistance in: open a bank account, medical insurance coverage, enroll children to a school, exchange of driver’s license, etc.;
  6. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
  7. Renting / buying a property in Monaco;
  8. Renewal of residence permits in Monaco;
  9. Application for permanent residency in Monaco;
  10. Application for Citizenship of Monaco.

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