1. Gastronomy. French food and wine is world renowned and can be found everywhere, fresh and inexpensively. Some of the finest wines come from France and it is responsible for so many dishes and recipes in use all over the world.
2. Health care. The government run health care system is top notch and is very affordable, ample heath care professionals ensure quality treatment for all and France even has some of the lowest prescription medicine costs in Europe.
3. Education is almost completely free, highly centralized and organized. Teachers are well paid and well educated, leading to quality education.
4. Location. France is located at the center of Europe and is in very close proximity to Spain, Andorra, Monaco, The United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy…
5. Avant-Garde. France is usually at the forefront of Fashion and it has a great influence on fashion as a whole across the world. People always look to Paris to see what is considered to be “in”.
6. Joie de Vivre. People say that the French work to live, not live to work. In a stark contrast to Americans or Japanese who work long hours for most of their lives and retire later in life, the French live a slower paced life and take the time to enjoy the finer things such as family, food and relaxing.

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