Immigration law (Resolução Normativa 84/09)


  1. Invest in Brazil BRL 150,000 (€35,000) in productive activities;
  2. The investor visa or contractor must be requested directly to the Ministry of Labor in Brazil.


  1. Completed application forms (Coordenação-Geral de Imigração);
  2. Recent photo ID;
  3. Passport and identity card (copies of all identification pages);
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Marriage certificate, (if applicable);
  6. Police certificate;
  7. Constitutive Act of the company that will benefit from the investment of BRL 150,000 (€35,000);
  8. Internalization proof on investment;
  9. Certificate of investment issued by the Central Bank of Brazil (or by the receiving bank investment);
  10. Original document of immigration fees payment;
  11. Company’s latest income tax declaration to the Brazilian tax authorities;
  12. Plan of investment corresponding to the employment generation requirements, income, productivity growth, technology transfer and the capture of resources for specific sectors in Brazil;
  13. Documents confirming sufficient financial resources during your stay in Brazil;
  14. Bank certificate confirming the substance of BRL 150,000 (€35,000);
  15. Motivation letter explaining your motifs to live in Brazil.


  1. We will provide you with a consultation regarding the immigration process and the steps to undertake in order to obtain a residence permit in Brazil;
  2. You will have to prepare and legalize all the required documents;
  3. We have a team of sworn translators who will be translating all the documentation into Portuguese;
  4. Once all the documents are gathered, they must be submit to Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego;
  5. The request may be submitted by the Ministerio with the appreciation of the National Board of Immigration of Brazil;
  6. Any documentation with a prior approval by the Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego will be deposited to the CGI in Brazil by the applicant in order to obtain a permanent visa;
  7. Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego will inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of its decision;
  8. Once the Consular Service receives the decision, you will obtain a permanent immigration visa, which allows you to enter and live in Brazil;
  9. Residence permit “cedula of Identidade do Estrangeiro” is valid for three (3) years.


If you would like to move to Brazil with your family members, you will have to include every member of your family in the application.


  1. After having lived in Brazil for four (4) years, you are eligible to apply for Brazilian citizenship;
  2. The period of four (4) years can be reduced to three (3) years, if you own a real estate in Brazil worth of at least US$ 200,000.


    1. Residence permit in Brazil for investors;
    2. Residence permit in Brazil for retired or wealthy individual;
    3. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
    4. Assistance in: bank account, medical insurance, registration of children in school, exchange of driver license, etc.;
    5. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
    6. Rent or purchase a property;
    7. Application for citizenship of Brazil.
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