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Code de l’entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d’asile: articles L 313-7, R311


The applicant must have:

  1. A letter from French university, postgraduate school or professional training school;
  2. Sufficient means of subsistence to cover healthcare, living costs, and study.


  1. Application forms;
  2. A recent ID color photo, 35×45 mm;
  3. Passport and ID card (copy of its identification page(s));
  4. Certificate of birth;
  5. Confirmation documents that the applicant has been admitted to a University, postgraduate school or professional training school;
  6. Health insurance covering all risks on the territory of France;
  7. Motivation letter;
  8. A bank statement, clearly showing that you have sufficient financial resources to live and study in France. The resources are evaluated by reference to the monthly guaranteed minimum income (727 euro/month x 12 months);
  9. A property ownership deed or a lease contract of a house or apartment in France, bills of electricity (EDF).


  1. Consultation regarding education, medical, administration and all other questions;
  2. You will prepare and legalize all necessary documents and send them to us;
  3. Our translator will translate all documents into French;
  4. Registration at a University or higher education institution in France;
  5. We will prepare your immigration file and apply to the Consulate of France;
  6. The education visa will be delivered by a consular service within a few weeks;
  7. You will come to France and within two months must submit a declaration of arrival to OFII (L’office française de l’immigration et de l’intégration);
  8. You will obtain an identity card;
  9. To extend you stay in France you must go to the municipal administration (prefecture) of your residence in France two (2) months before the end of your permit and renew your residence card.


A spouse or registered partner and dependent children of an international student can apply for a permit to stay/residence in France.


You have the possibility to work according to your student status, within the 60% limit of the annual work term, namely 964 hours a year. The employer will forward a declaration of employment pertaining to the applicant to the Prefecture, at least two (2) days prior to the beginning of your work contract.


  1. Residence permit in France for investors;
  2. Residence permit in France for wealthy individual;
  3. Residence permit for entrepreneur;
  4. Visa for the spouse of a French person;
  5. Student visa in France;
  6. Student visa in France;
  7. Set up a company, business and financial plans; 
  8. Assistance in: bank account opening, medical insurance enrollment, school registration for children, exchange of driver’s license, etc.;
  9. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
  10. Renting / buying a property in France;
  11. Application for French permanent residency;
  12. Application for French Citizenship.

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