By virtue of law – to persons born abroad whose birth certificate bears the wording of the mother or father was in the service of the Portuguese State, the date of birth, the declarant shall submit proof thereof.

The Portuguese government may grant naturalization if:

  1. To persons born abroad with at least one parent in the direct line of Portuguese nationality and has not lost this nationality.
  2. There is evidence of ancestry of Portuguese nationality, to members of communities of Portuguese origin, and foreigners who have provided relevant services to the Portuguese State or the national community.
  3. By option – Children of a Portuguese mother or father is eligible for Portuguese nationality.
  4. Through marriage, if married abroad for more than three (3) years with a Portuguese citizen.
  5. By de facto, in the case of living abroad for more than three (3) years with a Portuguese national may be eligible to acquire citizenship

Dual Nationality

Portuguese law allows multiple nationality but interested parties should verify with the previous state. Please contact us directly to find out more about this.

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