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Citizenship law (Nacionalidad española)


  1. To live in Spain for no less than ten (10) years
  2. Knowledge of the Spanish language, history and culture


  1. Completed application forms
  2. Two recent photo ID, 35×45 mm
  3. Passport (national and international passport, copies of all identification pages)
  4. Spanish residence permit card
  5. N.I.E. 
  6. Certificate delivered by official authorities that you have been legally living in Spain for ten (10) years
  7. Evidence of sufficient, regular and permanent means of substance for your stay in Spain
  8. Proof of knowledge of the Spanish language (test results)
  9. Police certificate of good conduct in Spain


  1. We will provide you a consultation regarding the procedures of obtaining a Spanish citizenship
  2. You will have to prepare and legalize the required documents
  3. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into Spanish
  4. We prepare your application and will submit it at the Civil Registry situated in your residence area in Spain
  5. You will obtain an identification number through which you could see online the progress of your application
  6. A jugde from Civil Registry will contact you for an interview and verification of your documents
  7. After a favorable decision, you will be invited to take an oath of allegiance to the King and obedience to the Spanish Constitution and laws
  8. You will obtain a Spanish citizenship certificate, that must be included in your application for an ID card and Spanish passport


Family members, spouse and children, are included in the citizenship process and will obtain a Spanish nationality. 


  1. You must renounce on your citizenship after obtaining a Spanish citizenship
  2. If you have a refugee status, you are eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship after living in Spain for at least five (5) years
  3. You have the right to keep your other citizenship and apply for Spanish citizenship after living in Spain for two (2) years if you are national of either : Andorra, the Philippines, Portugal, Ibero-American countries, Equatorial Guinea or have Sephardic origins
  4. You may also request Spanish nationality after living in Spain for one (1) year in the following cases:
  • You are born in Spain
  • Your parents/grandparents are originally Spanish
  • Widows/widowers of Spanish citizens


  1. Residence permit in Spain for investors
  2. Residence permit in Spain for wealthy individual
  3. Residence permit in Spain for real estate owners
  4. Residence in Spain for entrepreneurs
  5. Student visa in Spain
  6. Set up a company, business and financial plans 
  7. Assistance in: bank account opening, medical insurance coverage, school registration for children, exchange of driver’s license, etc.
  8. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law
  9. Renting / buying a property in Spain
  10. Renewal of residence permits in Spain
  11. Citizenship of Spain for Sephardic Jews
  12. Application for Spanish Citizenship
  13. Citizenship by residence in Spain

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