In Ireland, you can get a very high level of education, combine study with work and become the owner of a diploma that will be recognized in any country in the world!
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e citizenship process to Ireland.


Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act


  1. To live in Ireland for at least five (5) years out of nine (9) years;
  2. Be of a good character;
  3. Must provide documents that you have adequate knowledge of English.


  1. Completed application forms;
  2. Recent photo ID, 34×45 mm;
  3. Passport;
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Marriage certificate;
  6. Irish residence permit card (documents confirming your Irish Status);
  7. Police certificate;
  8. Evidence of a minimum five (5) years of stay on the territory of Ireland (Naturalization residency calculator);
  9. Bank certificates and statements to present sufficient financial funds to support yourself and/or your dependents;
  10. Documents confirming your professional and/or business activity.


  1. We will provide you a consultation concerning the procedures of obtaining a citizenship of Ireland;
  2. You will have to prepare and legalize the required documents;
  3. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into English;
  4. We prepare your application and when it is complete we will submit it to the Irish Immigration authorities;
  5. You will receive a letter notifying you the status of your application and a reference number through which you can obtain information regarding the progress of your case;
  6. The decision will be delivered within approximately six (6) months;
  7. The Minister of Justice and Equality makes the decisions and will notify you regarding your application;
  8. You will be invited to a citizenship ceremony in which you will receive your Irish certificate of naturalization;
  9. Afterwards, you must include your certificate of naturalization when you apply for an Irish passport to the Department of Foreign Affairs.


Children under 18 years old are included in the citizenship process will obtain the Irish citizenship.


Ireland allows people to have dual citizenship. That being the case, you do not need to renounce on your other citizenship(s).


  1. Residence permit in Ireland for property investors and entrepreneurs;
  2. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
  3. Student visa in Ireland;
  4. Assistance in: bank account, medical insurance, school for children, exchange of driver license etc.;
  5. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
  6. Renting / buying a property;
  7. Renewal of residence permits in Ireland;
  8. Application for Irish permanent residency;
  9. Application for Citizenship of Ireland.

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