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Immigration Act 2004 (Immigrant Investor Programme)


  1. Possess a net worth of not less than 2,000,000 EUR, AND
  2. Invest 1,000,000 EUR in government debt bonds for five (5) years, OR
  3. Invest 500,000 EUR in an Irish company for three (3) years, OR
  4. Invest 2,000,000 EUR in an Irish Real Estate Investment Trust for three (3) years (must be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange), OR
  5. Purchase a property in Ireland that is worth 450,000 EUR combined with a 500,000 EUR investment in the Immigrant Investor Bond for five (5) years (total investment of 950,000 EUR).


  1. Completed application forms
  2. Recent photo ID, 35×45 mm
  3. Passport and identity card
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Police certificate for the last 10 years
  7. Documents confirming your professional and/or business activity (income, job title, employment contract, monthly/annual salary, company founding documents, inheritance)
  8. Documents confirming the legal source of your net worth
  9. Bank letters confirming the existence of funds for a selected investment (can be bank statements if the bank is not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland)
  10. Supported documents confirming the selected financial investment
  11. Business and financial plan, AND
  12. Audited accounts of the Irish company, OR
  13. Certificate confirming the number of shares in an Irish Real Estate Investment Trust, OR
  14. Property purchase agreement, OR
  15. Documents describing how your endowment can be of public benefit in Ireland


  1. We will provide you a consultation regarding: the process of immigration to Ireland, the procedures of obtaining a residence permit, questions related to education, insurance, integration, healthcare, administrative and other aspects associated with your move to Ireland
  2. Signature of the agreement
  3. You have to prepare and legalize the required documents
  4. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into English
  5. We will submit your application to the Irish Evaluation Committee
  6. The Irish Evaluation Committee will provide you with an approval for your selected investment
  7. You have to finance your selected investment
  8. You obtain an Irish immigration visa, allowing you to come to Ireland
  9. When you arrive to Ireland, you will be issued a residence permit, valid for two (2) years and is renewable for an additional three (3) years
  10. After living in Ireland for five (5) years, you may apply for Irish permanent resident card, valid for ten (10) years


  1. The immigrant investor bond is a Government guaranteed investment
  2. In order to conserve your Irish residence permit, you must visit Ireland at least once at year. Otherwise, there are no requirements of a minimum period of stay on the territory of Ireland


The members of your family will be included in the immigration process to Ireland. Therefore, they will obtain an Irish residence permit.


You may apply for Irish citizenship after living in Ireland for at least five (5) years in a period of eight (8) years.


  1. Residence permit in Ireland for property investors and entrepreneurs.
  2. Set up a company, business and financial plans
  3. Student visa in Ireland
  4. Assistance in: bank account, medical insurance, school for children, exchange of driver license etc.
  5. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law
  6. Renting / buying a property
  7. Renewal of residence permits in Ireland.
  8. Application for Irish permanent residency.Application for Citizenship of Ireland.     

    1. Application processing no more than two months.
    2. The candidate does not need to confirm knowledge of the language. 
    3. Visa-free entry to 177 countries of the world including the EU or the UK, with an Irish passport. 
    4. Residence permit for the whole family. Possibility to include spouse and children under 24 in the application. 
    5. No residency requirements. To keep a residence permit, it is enough to come to Ireland for 1 day a year. 
    6. High level of education. Study at prestigious European universities at a reduced price. 
    7. Tax regime. Like the UK, taxation depends on permanent residence and domicile status. 
    8. Opportunity to obtain citizenship after 5 years.

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