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Gesetz über den Aufenthalt, die Erwerbstätigkeit und die Integration von Ausländern im Bundesgebie


A student visa allows to complete studies in an academic institution in Germany. Once the applicant is admitted in a German university, it is suggested to start the student visa application at least three (3) months before the beginning of the courses.

The applicant must have the following:

  1. An admission and registration letter from a German academic institution
  2. Sufficient means of substance to cover tuition fees, healthcare and personal expenses (living costs)


  1. Completed application forms
  2. Two recent photos ID, 35×45 mm
  3. Copies of a passport (and all the pages)
  4. Copies of an ID card
  5. Certificate of birth
  6. Certified copy of a diploma or a certificate from the country of origin
  7. High school academic certificate
  8. Confirmation documents of registration (enrollment) certifying that the applicant has been admitted to an academic institution in Germany
  9. Prof of knowledge of the language of instruction
  10. Medical certificate issued by an authorized doctor, certifying that the applicant is not carrying a contagious or a severe disease
  11. Health insurance (private or public) covering all risks on the territory of Germany
  12. A bank certificate confirming the existence of sufficient resources to live and study in Germany. The resources are determined by a guaranteed minimum monthly income (659/month x 12 months)
  13. A lease contract of an apartment or a property ownership deed in Germany


  1. Complete consultation regarding the process of obtaining a student visa in Germany
  2. Signature of the agreement
  3. Prepare and formalize all the necessary documents in order to forward them to us
  4. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into German
  5. Registration to an academic institution in Germany
  6. We will prepare the immigration file and apply to the Consulate of Germany
  7. The student visa will be issued by a consular service within a few weeks
  8. The student visa is valid for three (3) months
  9. After obtaining a student visa, it is very important to submit an application for a residence permit of long stay within the first three (3) months in Germany
  10. The residence permit is valid for two (2) years and is renewable


The spouse or married or civil partner and children (under 16, over 16 special rules apply) of an international student may come to Germany and apply for a residence permit. 


The applicant may work in Germany on a part-time basis during academic sessions (total 120 full days or 240 half days of work per year). The family member may work in Germany.

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