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  1. Law of 15 December 1980 on entry, stay, settlement and removal of foreign nationals
  2. Royal decree of 8 October 1981 on entry, stay, settlement and removal of foreign nationals


The applicant must have:

  1. The original enrollment or letter giving admission in Belgium to a university or an institution of higher education, recognized by the Ministry of Education in Belgium
  2. Sufficient means of subsistence to cover healthcare, living costs, and study


  1. Application forms
  2. A recent ID color photo, 35×45 mm
  3. Passport and ID card (copy of its identification page(s))
  4. Certificate of birth
  5. Confirmation documents that the applicant has been admitted in University or higher education institution, recognized by the Ministry of Education of Belgium
  6. Health insurance covering all risks on the territory of Belgium
  7. Motivation letter
  8. A letter from a bank showing that you have sufficient financial resources to live and study in Belgium. The resources are evaluated by reference to the monthly guaranteed minimum income (617/month x 12 months) and proof that this balance can be transferred to your bank account in Belgium
  9. A proof of solvency: if you have a scholarship, a mobility grant, a savings account or a loan
  10. Police certificate from the country of citizenship and country of residence (if you are 21 years old and over)
  11. A property ownership deed or a lease contract of a house or an apartment in Belgium
  12. A medical certificate, stating that the applicant has no contagious disease, and issued by an accredited doctor


  1. Consultation regarding education, medical, administration and all other questions
  2. Signature of the Agreement
  3. You will prepare, legalize and Apostatized all necessary documents and send them to us
  4. Our translator will translate all documents into French, Dutch or German
  5. Registration at the University or higher education institution in Belgium
  6. We will prepare your immigration file and apply to the official institution and after approval we will send the mentioned case to the Consulate of Belgium
  7. The education visa will be delivered by a consular service a few weeks later
  8. You will come to Belgium and within eight working days must submit a declaration of arrival to the municipality (Maison communale in French or Gemeentehui in Dutch) of the chosen place of residence
  9. You will obtain a registration certificate, valid four (4) months. At the end of this term, you must prove that you are registered as a regular, full-time student
  10. You will obtain an identity card
  11. To extend you stay in Belgium you must go to the municipal administration of your residence in Belgium one month before the end of your permit and renew your residence card


A spouse or registered partner and dependent children of an international student can apply for a permit to stay and/or residence in Belgium.


You can work up to 20 hours a week.

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