We will be pleased to answer and discuss any concerns you may have on the immigration process (Resident Visa) to Ecuador. 

In addition to our standard service, in which we assist the client throughout every step, we offer private support to our clients. Our staff can be assigned to meet you in the city where you live or work for personal meetings. The purpose of those meetings is to provide assistance and personalized service during your immigration process.


 Immigration law. Real Estate Investor; Investor – Insurance policies, bonds or mortgage bonds.(Visa 9: II Inversionista en póliza, títulos o cédulas hipotecarias; Visa 9: II Inversionista en bien raíz)


  1. The applicant must buy a property in Ecuador and register it in his/her name for a minimum price of US$ 25.000 and US$ 500 more per dependent; OR
  2. Invest US$ 25.000 plus US$ 500 per dependent in a Certificate of Deposit in a bank in Ecuador and leave CD in the custody of the Central Bank of Ecuador. 


  1. Completed application forms;
  2. Recent photos;
  3. Passport and identity card (copies of all pages);
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Marriage certificate, (if applicable);
  6. Bank certificate;
  7. Police record from the country of citizenship or from the country where the applicant has lived for the last five years duly apostilled with a validity of up to 6 months;
  8. Confirmation document of deposit of at least US$ 25.000 and US$ 500 per dependent in the bank in Ecuador: original and notarized copy of the policy title or certificate of deposit for at least 1 year; OR
  9. Certificate of ownership and purchase contract for buyer a property in Ecuador;
  10. Certificate issued by the Registry of Property;
  11. Original letter from property tax, stating the value of the property of the property for at least of US$ 25.000 and will increase by US$ 500 for each additional dependent;
  12. Motivation letter explaining your motifs to live in Ecuador.


  1. We will provide you with a consultation regarding the immigration process and the steps to undertake in order to obtain a residence permit in Ecuador;
  2. You will have to prepare and legalize all the required documents;
  3. We have a team of sworn translators who will be translating all the documentation into Spanish;
  4. We will submit your application for our Inversionista Visa;
  5. It takes approximately 2 months to complete the process once the correct documents and application are submitted;
  6. After approval by the Immigration Department you might obtain permanent resident card;
  7. Permanent residency is as long as you maintain the basis of your residency;
  8. Consider: in the first two years of residency the applicant might only leave the country for 90 days in each year.
  9. After two years of residency the applicant can be out of the country for longer periods of time;
  10. The applicant must be a permanent resident a minimum of 3 years before applying for citizenship.


If you would like to move to Ecuador with your family members, you will have to include every member of your family in the application.


  1. After having lived in Ecuador for three (3) years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship.


    1. Residence permit in Ecuador for investors and real estate owners;
    2. Residence permit in Ecuador for businessperson;
    3. Residence permit in Ecuador for pensioners;
    4. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
    5. Assistance in: bank account, medical insurance, registration of children in school, exchange of driver license, etc.;
    6. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
    7. Rent or purchase a property;
    8. Application for citizenship of Ecuador.

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