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When an individual wishes to stay within the territory of San Marino for more than 10 days, said individual must obtain a permit. Although there are several different types of permits, we usually recommend the following type:
The ordinary permit, which is issued by the State Congress, allows you to stay within San Marino for a maximum of 90 days and can be renewed every 90 days. It is important to note that this permit may allow you to work in San Marino.

How to obtain a residence permit in San Marino

In order to obtain a residence permit, an individual must have gone through this process of renewal for at least five years; following this the individual may apply for the residence permit. Please take not that this five year period must be uninterrupted.
Only the following authorities have the authorization to issue residence permits: the Permanent Commission for Foreign Affairs, Emigration and Immigration, Information, Transport and Tele-communication, Police and Public Order.

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