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  1. Immigration Regulations
  2. International Persons Landholding Act


Own a property valued at no less that BS$ 1,500,000 in the Bahamas.


  1. Form IIA;
  2. Letter of request;
  3. Confirmation of Bahamian property ownership;
  4. Passport (copy of its identification page(s));
  5. Two (2) recent and identical ID photo, color, format passport-size;
  6. Certificates of birth, marriage;
  7. Proof of the origin and legality of the funds;
  8. Confirmation documents to show sufficient funds: a reference from a bank, professional income, any other proof that establishes that you have sufficient financial resources to live in Bahamas;
  9. An original medical certificate dated not more than 30 days prior to the submission of the application;
  10. An original police certificate dated not more than six (6) months prior to the submission of the application;
  11. Certificate of non-bankruptcy.


  1. Consultation regarding immigration to Bahamas, education, medical, administration and all other questions;
  2. You will prepare, legalize and Apostillised all necessary documents and send them to us;
  3. Our translator will translate all documents into English;
  4. You should come to Bahamas in order to open a bank account and buy a property;
  5. We will prepare your immigration file;
  6. Applying the immigration file to the Director of immigration.

Processing time: from 3-4 weeks approximately


Your wife (husband) and children until age of 18, included in the application will obtain the same immigration status and Residence Card.

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