Germany: Citizenship


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    German Citizenship Act


    1. To reside in Germany for at least eight (8) years, (in the case of special integration measures the period can be reduced to seven or even six years),
    2. Be of a good character,
    3. Successfully pass the naturalisation test and German language,
    4. Give up your former nationality.


    1. Completed application forms,
    2. Recent photo ID,
    3. Passport,
    4. Birth certificate,
    5. Marriage certificate,
    6. German residence permit card,
    7. Police certificate,
    8. Language and naturalisation test,
    9. Evidence of a minimum eight (8) years of stay on the territory of Germany,
    10. Documents confirming your professional and/or business activity.


    1. We will provide you a consultation concerning the procedures of obtaining a citizenship of Germany,
    2. You will have to prepare and legalize the required documents,
    3. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into German,
    4. We prepare your application and when it is complete we will submit it to the German official authorities,
    5. You will receive a letter notifying you the status of your application and a reference number through which you can obtain information regarding the progress of your case,
    6. You will be invited to a citizenship ceremony in which you will receive your certificate of naturalization
    7. Afterwards, you must include your certificate of naturalization when you apply for a German passport.


    Children under 16 years old are included in the citizenship process will obtain the German citizenship.


    Germany doesn’t allow people to have dual citizenship. That being the case, you need to renounce on your other citizenship(s).

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