1. No taxes! Andorra has the lowest overall tax rate among the developed countries in the world. There is no income, wealth, capital gains tax.
2. Residency is usually quick and “easy” to acquire.
3. Quality of life. Andorra has one of the highest human life expectancy in the world, upwards of up to 82 years at birth, partly because of the active lifestyle Andorrans live.
4. Location. Andorra is located right in between France and Spain, close to beaches and mountains as well as airports and several major cities such as Barcelona and Toulouse which are but a two hour drive away.
5. Winter Sports. Andorra has world class ski resorts and a wonderful ski infrastructure in the breathtaking Pyrenees mountain range merely minutes away.
6. Andorran Banking is considered to be unparalleled; Standard & Poors consistently rates it among the finest in the world. Careful planning by the bank managers have made the banks in Andorra among the most stable and most solvent in the world all the while staying as completely confidential.
7.  Clean and safe. Andorra enjoys extremely low crime rates due to its high standard of living and small population

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