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  1. The applicant must provide proof of permanent residence in France during the five (5) years preceding the filing of the application;
  2. Knowledge of the French language (except people aged over 60 years);
  3. The applicant must also prove his integration into the French community by adhering to the fundamental principles and values of the French Republic and a sufficient knowledge of the history, culture and French society.

The duration of residence in France is reduced to two (2) years in the subsequent cases:

  1. Foreigners who have successfully completed two (2) years of study to obtain a degree from a French higher education institution;
  2. Candidates who help promote France;
  3. Applicants who provide exceptional integration processes (activities or actions taken in civic, scientific, economic, cultural or sports).


    1. Completed application forms;
    2. Passport (copies of all identification pages);
    3. Recent photo ID, 35×45 mm;
    4. French permanent resident card;
    5. Birth certificate;
    6. Marriage certificate;
    7. Residence tenancy agreement (or purchase agreement) in France;
    8. Test results of the French language;
    9. Police certificate of good conduct.


    1. We will provide you a consultation regarding: the procedures of obtaining a citizenship in France;
    2. We will prepare your application and submit it to the prefecture;
    3. The French official authorities will verify your case and ask you for an interview;
    4. In case of a favorable answer, you will granted citizenship in France;
    5. You will obtain a certificate of citizenship, that must be included in your application for an French passport and ID card.


    Children are included in the application and will obtain French citizenship.  


    1. You can apply for French citizenship after four (4) years, if you are married to a French citizen;
    2. The habitual residence condition of 5 years within French territory is waived in one of the following situations:
      • Having completed military service in the French army, having been contracted in times of war, a voluntary commitment in French or allied armies;
      • Having rendered outstanding service to France;  
    3. Children between 14 and 18 years of age may request to be naturalized if the following conditions are met:
      • Must have lived in France in a regular manner at least for 5 years; 
      • The child’s residence and education has been in France.


  1. Residence permit in France for investors;
  2. Residence permit in France for wealthy individual;
  3. Residence permit for entrepreneur;
  4. Visa for the spouse of a French person;
  5. Student visa in France;
  6. Student visa in France;
  7. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
  8. Assistance in: bank account opening, medical insurance enrollment, school registration for children, exchange of foreign driving license, etc.;
  9. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
  10. Renting / buying a property in France;
  11. Application for French permanent residency;
  12. Application for Citizenship.


  1. Loi n 93-933 du 22/07/1993 réformant le droit de la nationalité; 
  2. Loi n. 98-170 du 16/03/1998 relative à la nationalité
  3. Loi n. 2011-672 du 16/06/2011 relative à l’immigration et à l’integration et à la nationalité.

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