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Under the new law of 23 October 2008 on Luxembourg nationality, there two following ways of possessing or acquiring citizenship of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

  1. Possessing of Luxembourg nationality by origin;
  2. Acquisition of Luxembourg nationality by naturalisation.


  1. Have legally resided in Luxembourg for at least seven (7) consecutive years;
  2. Have passed an oral test in the Luxembourgish language;
  3. Have attended three (3) civic instruction sessions;
  4. Meet the integrity requirements.


  1. Completed application forms;
  2. Recent photo ID;
  3. Passport and identity card (copies of all identification pages);
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Accurate biographic information;
  6. Marriage certificate, (if applicable);
  7. Residence certificate from the authorities of your commune of residence;
  8. Police certificate covering last 15 years;
  9. A pass certificate for the Luxembourgish language test;
  10. A certificate of attendance of civic instruction classes.


  1. We will provide you with a consultation regarding the immigration process and the steps to undertake in order to obtain citizenship of Luxembourg;
  2. You have to prepare and legalize all the required documents;
  3. We have a team of sworn translators who will be translating all the documentation into French or German;
  4. We prepare your application and submit it by the municipalities to the Ministry of Justice;
  5. The decision might be made within 8 months from the declaration of naturalisation;
  6. Entering into effect of the naturalisation from the day of the decision; 
  7. In a case of a favorable decision, you will obtain a certificate of nationality, which must be included in your application for obtaining a passport of Luxembourg.


Children are included in the process and application to obtain a citizenship of Luxembourg.


  1. Luxembourg accepts the principal of “dual or multiple nationality”;
  2. The acquisition of Luxembourg nationality implies accepting rights and obligations;
  3. Nationality may be granted for exceptional services to the state.


  1. Residence permit in Luxembourg for wealthy individual;
  2. Residence permit in Luxembourg for highly qualified worker;
  3. Residence in Luxembourg for entrepreneurs;
  4. Student visa in Luxembourg;
  5. Family reunification program;
  6. Set up a company, business and financial plans;
  7. Assistance in: bank account, medical insurance, school for children, exchange of driver license, etc.;
  8. Legal service in corporate, banking, immigration and administration law;
  9. Renting / buying a property;
  10. Renewal of residence permits in Luxembourg;
  11. Application for Luxembourg Citizenship.

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