Hungarian citizenship

Terms and Conditions for Hungarian naturalization:

1. The applicant must have lived continuously in Hungary for a specified period of time and must have had permanent residence (residence card).
2. The applicant has good standing with local law enforcement.
3. The applicant can provide and shelter him/herself in Hungary.
4. The applicant must have a satisfactory command of the Hungarian language.

Preferential naturalization

I. Requirements for preferential naturalization in Hungary (after living in Hungary for three (3) consecutive years):
1. Married with a Hungarian citizen for at least three years.
2. Is the legal guardian of a minor child who is a Hungarian citizen.
3. Was adopted by a Hungarian citizen.

Non-Hungarian citizen are eligible for preferential naturalization when:

  1. Any ancestors where Hungarian,
  2. Has knowledge of the Hungarian language,
  3. Has good standing with local law enforcement

Applicants who meet the following requirements are eligible for preferential naturalization only after residing in Hungary for five (5) consecutive years:

1. Born in Hungarian territory,
2. he/she established residence in Hungary before reaching the legal age

Applicants who are not eligible for preferential naturalization may apply for naturalization after having been residing in Hungary for eight (8) consecutive years.

Most documentation must be translated and certified by the local authority.

Note that the applicant will be expected to pass a basic citizenship test.

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