A foreigner may solicit citizenship by virtue of law from Poland if:

  1. At least one of the applicant’s parents is a Polish Citizen,
  2. The applicant was born in the territory of the republic of Poland, and the identity of the parents is unknown, and no citizenship can be ascertained.
  3. A minor will automatically be granted Polish citizenship if found on Polish territory.

Note that an adopted minor under the age of 16 will be assumed to have had Polish citizenship since birth. Recognition:

  1. One must comply with the following before Poland will acknowledge a foreigner as a Polish citizen:
  2. Each year, the government of Canada announces how many immigrants it aims to attract over the coming year, and reveals a breakdown in the number of immigrants that will be allocated to the various immigration programs offered.
  3. Must have documentation of the occupied dwelling as well as a regular source of income in Poland.
  4. Must have lived at least two (2) years in Poland and be married to a Polish citizen or hold no citizenship of their own.
  5. Must have lived continuously for at least 10 years in Poland with a permit to settle, regular income in Poland, as well as a legal title to a dwelling.
  6. Live in Poland for two (2) years and have Polish ancestry.

Applicants should have satisfactory command of the polish language.

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