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Immigration Act



  • Invest a minimum amount of 2,500,000 S$ in a Singapore company


  • Invest at least 2,500,000 S$ in a Singapore Global Investor Programme

As well as:

  1. Provide a business and a financial plan for the next five (5) years
  2. Possess a successful entrepreneurial and business history during the last three (3) years
  3. Your company’s turnover must be at least 50,000,000 S$ during the year of your application and for the last three (3) years


  1. Completed application forms
  2. Recent photo ID, 35×45 mm
  3. Passport (national and international)
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Diplomas and school certificates
  7. Detailed curriculum vitae
  8. Financial statements of your company for the last three (3) years
  9. Business (or investment) and financial plan for three (3) years
  10. Motivation letter
  11. Police certificate of good conduct
  12. Certificate confirming the absence of debts
  13. Bank certificate attesting sufficient financial funds


  1. We will provide you a consultation regarding the procedures of obtaining a permanent residency in Singapore
  2. Signature of the agreement
  3. You will have to prepare and legalize the required documents
  4. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into English
  5. Preparation of the 3-year business and financial plan
  6. You will register your company in Singapore
  7. We prepare your application and will submit it to the Department of Immigration in Singapore
  8. You will be invited for an interview with an immigration officer
  9. In case you meet all the conditions, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority will issue you an Approval-in-Principle Status (which is a entry visa to Singapore)
  10. You will be able to enter Singapore and finance your selected investment
  11. You will have to submit to Contact Singapore documents confirming your selected investment in Singapore
  12. You will receive an approval letter from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and the right to apply for a permanent residence card, valid for five (5)


  1. The permanent resident card can be renewable for three (3) years if:
  2. At least one (1) member of your family lived in Singapore during 30 months out of five (5) years, OR
  3. At least five (5) employees of your company are Singapore citizens and the turnover exceeds 1,000,000 S$ (approximately US $ 730,000)
  4. The permanent resident card can be renewable for five (5) years if:
  5. At least five (5) employees of your company are Singapore citizens and the turnover exceeds 1,000,000 S$ (approximately US $ 730,000)


Members of your family (spouse and children under 21 years old) are included in the immigration process and will obtain a permanent residency in Singapore.


After living in Singapore for two (2) years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

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