We will be pleased to answer and discuss any concerns you may have on the immigration process to Canada. 

In addition to our standard service, in which we assist the client throughout every step, we offer private support to our clients. Our staff can be assigned to meet you in the city where you live or work for personal meetings. The purpose of those meetings is to provide assistance and personalized service during your immigration process.


Immigration Law


  1. Possess a net worth of no less than $1,600,000 CAN
  2. Intend to live in Quebec
  3. Invest $800,000 CAN in the Investor Program in Quebec, refundable after five (5) years, OR
  4. Invest $200,000 CAN in the Investor Program in Quebec, nonrefundable
  5. Meet the required qualifications according to the point system


  1. Completed application forms
  2. Recent photo ID, 35×45
  3. Passport and identity card
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Diplomas and certificates
  7. Documents confirming and describing your professional and/or business activity (employment history, employment contract)
  8. Evidence you have at least two (2) out of five (5) years of experience in management
  9. Bank certificates confirming the legal source and existence of financial funds (minimum $1,600,000 CAN)


  1. We will provide you a consultation regarding: the process of immigration to Canada, the procedures of obtaining a residence permit, questions related to education, insurance, integration, healthcare, administrative and other aspects associated with your move to Canada
  2. Signature of the agreement
  3. You will have to prepare and legalize the required documents
  4. We have a team of sworn translators who are responsible for translating all the documents into French or English
  5. We will submit your application to the Quebec Immigration authorities and to the Direction du courrier, de l’encaissement et de l’évaluation comparative (in Montréal)
  6. After obtaining a CSQ (certificat de sélection du Québec), we will apply to the Canadian Immigration authorities
  7. Canadian Consulate will verify your medical exam and police certificate
  8. In case of a favorable answer, before obtaining a Canadian visa, you must transfer $ 800,000 CAN to a Canadian broker or trust company (who is authorized by government),
  9. Canadian Immigration Visa will give you the right to come to Canada and will issue you a permanent resident card, valid for five (5) years
  10. After five (5) years, the broker or trust company will reimburse you $800,000 CAN


  1. Please note that Quebec has a quota with regards to the number of applications accepted within one (1) year. Therefore, Quebec is willing to accept only 1750 applications starting on August 31st 2015 and ending on January 31st 2016
  2. Investor applicants from France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland are not considered in the quote
  3. In order to keep your Canadian resident card, you must stay physically on Canadian soil for at least two (2) years in a five (5) year period


The members of your family will be included in the immigration process to Canada. Therefore, they will obtain a Canadian permanent resident card.


After living in Canada for at least four (4) years in a period of six (6), your family and you are qualified to apply for Canadian citizenship.

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We will be pleased to answer and discuss any concerns you may have on the immigration process to Canada. 


  1. Immigration Act
  2. The Citizenship Act and Regulation


The applicant must have:

  1. The original letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  2. Enough money to pay for tuition fees and living expenses


  1. Application forms
  2. Two recent ID color photos, 35×45 mm
  3. Passport and ID card (copy of its identification page(s))
  4. Certificate of birth
  5. Confirmation documents of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  6. Health insurance covering all risks on the territory of Canada
  7. Motivation letter
  8. A letter from a bank showing that you have sufficient financial resources to live and study in Canada
  9. Police record from the country of citizenship and country of residence
  10. A medical certificate, stating that the applicant has no contagious disease, and issued by a physician.


  1. Consultation regarding education, medical, administration and all other questions
  2. You will prepare and legalize all necessary documents and send them to us
  3. Our translator will translate all documents into French or English
  4. Registration at the Canadian education institution
  5. We will prepare your immigration file and apply to the Consulate of Canada
  6. Canadian authorities will determinate if an interview is necessary
  7. If your application is approved the student visa will be delivered by a consular service
  8. You may come to Canada
  9. You should apply for renewal your student visa at least one month before your current permit expires


A spouse and dependent children under age of 19 can apply for a permit to stay/residence in Canada. Your children may attend school in Canada.


You might work up to 20 hours per week during a regular academic session and full-time during breaks between sessions. Your spouse can get work permit and work full-time.

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Inimex Inc. (International Immigration Experts)



You must be at least 18 years old to apply for Canadian citizenship. To become a Canadian citizen, you must have permanent resident status in Canada, and that status must be in good standing. Adults must have resided in Canada for at least four years in the past six years before applying. Children under the age of 18 do not need to meet this requirement.

English and French are Canada’s two official languages and to become a citizen, you must show that you have sufficient knowledge of at least one of these languages. If you are between 18 and 54, you will have to send proof of your ability to speak and listen in English or French with your citizenship application. Certified staff will evaluate how well you understand basic spoken sentences and questions and how you express yourself in answering these questions. To become a citizen, you must understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, such as voting in elections. You must also demonstrate at least a basic understanding of Canada’s history and values.

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At Inimex, we are very proud to work in and with many different countries and our knowledge of Canada are extensive to say the least. We work with several professionals all over the country and are well connected in order to give you the best possible service. Here is a list of most of the types of businesses available in Canada:

Unincorporated sole proprietorship

  1. As an individual, you are the sole proprietor of the company and there is full liability, as such your personal and business assets are treated as one and the same. You enjoy all the benefits of a business but also assume all the risks.
  2. There are no prerequisites required to run this type of business.
  3. If the business is run under a name other than your full legal name, it must be registered with the business registry office.

Partnership (General)

  1. A general partnership is very similar to an unincorporated sole proprietorship but revenues earned are shared between all the partners.
  2. Each partner is fully liable for all debts incurred by any of the partners. 2.3.Business must be registered with the business registry office.

Partnership (Limited)

  1. Company that includes two types of partners, general partners, who share the same rights and responsibilities as the same name in a general partnership and Limited partners who have no real decision making powers and who’s liabilities are limited only to what they have invested in the company.
  2. Business must be registered with the business registry office.


  1. Although legal requirements are more complex, it is the most common type of business.
  2. Corporations are considered legal persons and separate entities from its owners, freeing the partners from most liabilities as they have their own assets, limited to what was invested.
  3. Legal requirements for business corporations must be made with one of two jurisdictions, Provincial or Federal. It is strongly advised to work with a certified professional as the process may become very complex.


  1. Legal entity made up of individuals or companies who wish to satisfy the same need whether it be economic, social or cultural.
  2. Formed in accordance with a provincial cooperative statute: Quebec has the Loi sur les coopératives au Québec and Canada’s Cooperatives Act if the cooperative functions in more than one province.
  3. Each member is liable only for the amount invested.

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Inimex Inc. (International Immigration Experts)


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