British Overseas Citizen


What is a BOC? Although almost the same as a standard UK citizen, this type comes with minor differences; one can apply for the British passport and receive assistance and protection from any UK diplomatic posts but does not have the right to work or live in the UK. A citizen with BOC is not considered a UK national by the European Union.


  • The British Nationality Act 1981
  • The British Overseas Territories Act 2002

Stateless people are able to register if that person:

  1. Was born outside the UK and qualifying overseas territories,
  2. At least one (1) of your parents is a BOC (British overseas citizen),
  3. Have lived in the UK or overseas territory for at least three (3) years.

Automatic citizenship on January 1st 1983 for the following cases:

  1. The applicant was a citizen of the UK and its colonies on December 31st, 1982,
  2. You have not become a British citizen nor BOC.

Citizens by virtue of solitary ties to Hong Kong lost their citizenship on July 1st, 1997 unless:

  1. The individual has no other nationality or would have become stateless,
  2. If you were born after July 1st, 1997 and would have been stateless
  3. If one (1) of your parents was a BOC or simple British national when you were born.

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